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Fortune - 2014 (Authentic works created with "Lottery Tickets") 

Fortuna, fors, fortis, augurium,ΤΥΧΗ. The absolute "Goddess" of all religion, culture, tribal identity or age...Always appears, with a full or partial level or scale measurement for its "ultimate success"."Blows over" data predictions, and unpredictably may nominate as winners... the odd losers.Gives hope to the desperate, smile to the blighted, at times may even simply do 'The resurrect the dead'... act !Fortunately or not, luck is best 'buddy's' with coincidence. A "rare pair"... if one may call them so !!The right prayers, the correct moment, at the right place... and then nothing will ever be the same again.Everything may change... much like in a dream, or perhaps a thrilling nightmare instead !!!Only because "luck" itself consists of an element that's simply found on every "toss" of a coin...'The Two Side Story'... much like the "predicament elements" that "Life" itself includes in its wondrous quivers.