Money objects - 2000-07

The Money Objects, are created from the original currencies that we are currently using, brought back in a different package. A relationship of extremes, positive or negative – but always – strong emotions. To respect or not, the love or hate feelings, always for the same old reason: the intensity’ s that money brings into our life. Here on “the money” having had an alteration of its physical presence. Whether it is captivated within the see-through borders of a Plexiglas cube space, working as a paper weight, or as a ‘sous-plats’ or even at times having been given a floral presence, is certainly unblocked from its primary image form. The ‘objects’ emphasize on the powerful shared meaning of the concept. Money – Recycling – Art, as each time one relates and or reacts equivalently to the other two. The destroyed bills alongside with the experimental – conceptual approach, allows the viewer, to discover and exploit the aesthetical with countless registered views that one would not notice in the past, such as graph’ s, symbols, facets and faces, authenticity or security measures, signs ets., since the transaction of the money was the focal point then, where the art work of the actual note or coin is now. These Money Objects concentrate a truth. Their existence is revealed by the medium that they conceal.

Για ένα λεπτό! Χωρίς να χάσεις λεπτό. Περίμενε ένα λεπτό! γιατί... Λεπτο - καμωμένα! Από λεπτό σε λεπτό... γίνανε λεφτά στο λεπτό!!!