Money stinks show - 2007

REEKS OF MONEY. Money charms! It is alluring and does not smell! But if the question arises… ‘does dirty money stink?’ The answer can be found at the multidimensional installation of Maria Andonatou’s exhibition at the Cheapart gallery. View the visuals! Smell the Scent! Listen, to the audible! The audience encounters an array of works, which is an assault on the senses. Pennies, cents and drachmas will go through the severe testing of timeless motto’s. its saying and adages’s. Our every day expressions characterize the tensions that occur during our currency transactions as the rottenness – the degenerative phenomena interlocks constantly with our way of life. Maria Andonatou, is a practicing artist who’s been intrigued by our relationship towards money and its intrinsic link to power and decay. Within this show there are a number of works that capture, record and expose the rise and fall of money, as well as, epitomize the megalith of commerce. The main piece ‘Hard Currency’ is made from actual money (euros) and resolutely demonstrates the vulgar nature of pursuing material wealth.

Samia Ashraf